If you keep your finger on the pulse of fashion and culture news, you may have noticed a new home collection has dropped from the Swedish multinational chain retailer H&M. Press has referred to it as affordable and pretty and while we may wish it had been around during our Brooklyn-closet-sized-apartment-ramen-noodles-and-CheezIts-for-dinner days, we have eyed the collection in all its bounty. After all, here at Mitzi, we are all about the attainable.

During our online perusing (does anyone else have specific songs they listen to while shopping the interweb?) we couldn’t help but notice that something was missing. Did the Milo Flush Mount just go off over your head? That’s right—there’s no lighting! This missing link has only added more joy to this journey, as we’ve daydreamed a home décor wish list, picking our favorites from H&M Home and pairing them with some fabulous Mitzi fixtures.

It’s safe to say Mitzi plays well. Depending what other design elements are at work, Mitzi pieces can enhance a space or define it. Tie finishes into existing colors or complement shapes in the room, add weight and material impact to a space with our marble and concrete-accented pieces, or let our more minimalist pieces add just the right accent.

These dream boards are here to inspire you. It doesn’t have to be H&M Home—use your designer instincts to pair Mitzi with home products from across the spectrum. Whether accenting or anchoring a space, Mitzi pieces are those kind that, once they’re placed, allow you to let out of that big sigh of relief, confirming that yes, the room is complete.

What a relief!