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Summit Creek

A Spacious, Airy Home with the Becki Owens Touch

November 22, 2019

Summit Creek

A Spacious, Airy Home with the Becki Owens Touch

November 22, 2019

Situated in stunning topography with lots of generous windows and glass bringing the outdoors into the home, the Summit Creek house took home the Judges' Choice Award in this year's Utah Valley Parade of Homes. 

And it's not hard to see why.

Architecturally designed by Rob McQuay, built by Split Rock Custom Homes, and interior designed by Becki Owens, the interiors are warm, spacious affairs that provide an accent to the outdoors. With views like that, you don't want to crowd the room. Houses like Summit Creek are for sale. In crafting the space, Owens had a unique challenge. How do you craft a relatable space in which you can envision yourself living? This is a house that is not anyone's home yet, so the question is how do you add warmth? Becki points out the things she does to accomplish this in her room-by-room reveals on her website and how she pulls off what she calls her "modern organic vibe."

Looking at it one room at a time, below are a few key takeaways on the elegant, soft design. Here's what we love about this beautiful new home.

Design: Becki Owens | Image: Rebekah Westover  | Lights: Ivy sconce BKO100-OB, Ren pendant BKO201-AOB


What do you do when the bones of the kitchen are already this strong? Get out of the way? Accentuate its best features? Dress it up a bit? 

Wooden floors, wooden cutting boards, and wooden side cabinets, along with woven baskets and a beautiful clay vase overflowing with greenery, bring a natural and handmade warmth to the space, complementing its cooler and flawless aspects. 

Open and spacious with great slabs of white marble—including up the backsplash and range—the kitchen benefits from a few dark and earthy touches Owens uses. The dark wood of the stools, the metals and finishes of her Ivy sconces and Ren pendants, a dark countertop to the side, a French door painted black, matching dark finishes in the sink faucetry and pulls: They add just a little drama and ground the space.

In such a large space, the pendants needs to be sizeable to carry their own weight and provide a pleasing sense of proportion. Becki's own Ren lantern in AOB delivers.




Design: Becki Owens | Photo: Rebekah Westover | Light: Ren pendant BKO201-AOB


Owens acheived a relaxed "Modern Organic" look in the master bedroom with the colors and textures.

Layering textiles and using contrasting textures is this space's main strategy for generating visual interest. The layered textiles also serve to make the bedroom as inviting as it should be. 

The handmade feel of the wool Moroccan rug on the floor, as well as its on-trend terracotta/coral colors and again, ground the space while providing that warm contrast. These colors tie into the hues of the Utah landscape visible through the floor-to-ceiling windows; the double pattern along its length guides your sightline right out the open window, taking your eyes on a magic carpet ride to the landscape whose colors it complements.

Design: Becki Owens  | Image: Rebekah Westover | Light: Dillon 369-OB


Stepping off the master bedroom, with a clear sightline from the bed, is this master bath. Black hex tiles, an oversized pendant, and a clawfoot bathtub provide the drama, while beautiful wooden ceilings and vintage rug again add that layer of warmth. Generous natural light helps define the space and the vintage rug acts as another piece of continuity throughout the house.  

The real story of the space is the power patterns at play between the floor and the ceiling and we love it. One would expect to see herringbone wood on the floor, but here it's delightfully reversed. White subway tile in the shower neutralizes the contrasting hexagonal/honeycomb tile in black on the floor. 

All of which allows the elegant glass shape and sheer scale of Becki's Ivy pendant to shine.

Design: Becki Owens | Photo: Rebekah Westover | Light: Ivy BKO103-AGB


Many of the strategies throughout the house are continued in this inviting guest room: a little black, handmade rugs, soothing colors that tie into the landscape through the large windows. But the textural game is even higher in this space somehow with the woven bed and bench. The macro scale of their materials allow you to appreciate its warp and weft, while their proximity makes for a delicious contrast.

Design: Becki Owens | Photo: Rebekah Westover | Light: Richie BKO150-AGB/BK