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Project Name: Ironside

Project Location: San Diego, CA

Design Firm: Paul Basile

Photo Credit: Zack Benson


Located in San Diego, California, Ironside Fish & Oyster is an irreverent take on the traditional oyster bar, mixing nautical chic with modern, whimsical touches. Previously occupied by Ironside Metal Works, the restaurant’s 1920s-era structure is located in San Diego’s up-and-coming Little Italy neighborhood. “San Diego has a long history of being a major seaport and fishing capital, and Ironside’s menu allowed us to honor that,” said designer Paul Basile. “As with all of our projects, the history and origins of the space helped inform our overall design concept.” To enhance this nautical theme, Basile used standard in-line Hudson Valley Lighting® fixtures throughout the restaurant.

Black subway-tiled columns adorned with Hudson Valley’s Blaine pendants separate the bar from the main dining room. Basile created these intricate globe light installations, reminiscent of a stylish cruise ship ballroom, in his warehouse; the pendants encircle the columns from brass chains affixed to massive metal rounds. “The design came first, and we were fortunate to find that the Blaine fixtures so closely aligned with our ideas,” said Basile. “The beading of the Blaine is beautiful, and the antique-inspired glass is spot on. They called to mind a luxurious, bygone era, but in a new and modern way.”

Adding to the visual harmony are Hudson Valley’s Lambert pendants above the oyster bar, creating a soft balance of glowing glass and smooth metal. “The Lambert’s nautical vibe worked beautifully with our design concept while also referencing the Blaine,” said Basile. “The combination of the two helped keep our design cohesive.” Basile has used Lambert previously in other projects to great success. “We used the Lambert in Broadstone Balboa Park, a high-end mixed-use residential building here in San Diego. Our design concept for Broadstone was to incorporate the neighborhood’s storied history and iconic bridges. The Lambert is both classic and entirely new — it was the perfect fit for this project.”