When designing a bathroom, you don’t always get to call all the shots. Sometimes, the room calls them for you. How much space there is, where the electrical boxes can go, and other challenges inhibit your initial ideas for the space.  

Ideal illumination in the bathroom comes from side-mounted sconces: one to either side of the mirror or mounted onto a mirror directly with shades placed at eye-level.


We're so into this elegant and soothing master bath by @dixonkirbyhomes and its use of our #Westbury wall sconces. | ?? : @catnguyenphoto

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But space limitations or electrical challenges sometimes make this impossible. Bath and vanity bars, already an integral part of a bathroom lighting plan, in cases like these become by necessity the mirror and sink lighting entire. Fortunately, they can still deliver an aesthetic impact.  


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If possible, hanging small single-light pendants at eye-level or a little lower will provide complementary light which will serve to eliminate unflattering shadows from top-down illumination.

Thorndike pendants provide task light near the vanity as neither the ceiling height nor the windows permit a bath bar of vanity sconces.
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When choosing a bath bar and the place it will be mounted, bear in mind these helpful tips:

  • A horizontally mounted bath and vanity fixture above the mirror should not be placed more than 75-80 inches from the floor.  
  • It goes without saying that the width should not exceed that of the mirror. Ideally, it will measure around 75% of the mirror’s width.
  • For mirrors with a very long width, consider using two or more fixtures atop it instead of one.

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Keswick Bath & Vanity Fixture 

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Featured Image: Detail shot of our new Axiom bath bar in Aged Brass