Culture has many breadths. You may experience culture on the level of a continent, a state or even a city—though the last of these has a unique character. City culture is lively and intimate, often directly affecting the customs you acknowledge, the traditions you uphold, the food you eat and the aesthetics you recognize. This is the power of place.

Based in the City of Industry, Troy Lighting knows what it means to be a southern Californian—and it shows. Packed into the Troy DNA are warm eclecticism and human sensibility, reflections (in part) of the diverse and inviting culture of this particular area. However, like most modern innovators and experimenters, Troy Lighting draws inspiration from other regions. This allows us to create distinct, handcrafted fixtures that embody a particular place and bring to light the aesthetics most commonly associated with a specific city. See how the culture of Berlin, Brooklyn and Seville influence our designs below.


Berlin, Germany

Berlin: Germany’s capital city and a hub of vibrant and expressive life. From the historical Berlin wall to Charlottenburg Palace, the city wears its past, which as is colorful as its present. Of course, Berlin does more than wear its biography through architecture—Berlin embodies, in many ways, the principles that German culture is known for. Among these are a focus on streamlined engineering and mechanical efficiency, which are obvious to visitors who experience the punctuality of public transportation and to owners of German vehicles.

Troy Lighting captures this spirit of streamlined designed and mechanistic prowess in Berlin, a light with a clean design and cost-saving LED technology.

Berlin synthesizes modern contouring and industrial detailing, which give it commanding simplicity. An impressive piece of clear, blown glass encases its internal metalwork: a cone-shaped iron mesh screen that encloses an LED light source within a globe diffuser. The light operates with universal dimming switches.


Brooklyn, United States of America

Brooklyn: a New York borough with iconic architecture and eclectic local flavor. More than a modern center of art and emblematic American imagery (focused on the Brooklyn Bridge), Brooklyn is one of the world’s most diverse and variegated areas. It boasts a strong industrial past that continues into the present and frequently tints the creations of local artisans. Troy Lighting picks up on this aesthetic in its Brooklyn collection, which pays homage to early New York factory design.

Brooklyn combines hand-formed metal shades, a cast cap with a “Brooklyn” insignia and an antique mirror-lined interior, suspended by a handworked stem wrapped with genuine manila rope. The collection includes bulbs styled as early electric lamping and a Brooklyn bronze finish.


Seville, Spain


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Seville: a populous city in Southern Spain featuring celebrated Moorish construction and a deep artistic and culinary legacy. Seville draws locals and tourists alike with longstanding cathedrals, like the famed Cathedral of Saint Mary of the See, and a subtropical climate. Its color palette, which features a gradient of clay colors, has come to influence modern and past artists alike. Troy Lighting is no exception.

Our Seville collection merges handworked iron and hardback linen shades to make two stunning decorative sconces. Drawing on the coloring of Spanish furnishings and decor, Seville appears thoughtfully authentic with a weathered iron finish.

Stay tuned for more in geographically inspired lights from Troy Lighting!