As of today, we’re offering 3-D computer renderings of many of our lights. Maybe you like the picture but want a sense of how it looks from multiple angles. A sophisticated lighting fixture, when suspended from the ceiling, will look a little different from the many angles from which it will be viewed.

When browsing our fixtures, click on one that speaks to you. If a 3-D rendering is available, you will se a “3-D” icon underneath it. Click (or tap) on that icon to open up a box with the 3-D computer rendering in it. You can move the piece around, getting a more complete sense of its dimensions.

We offer this tool to help you in visualizing the fixture in the space you desire. Obviously, it is not an exact simulacrum of the fixture it represents. The fine finish cannot be faithfully reproduced. Minute hardware such as screws are not represented. And we don’t show the wires which will be invisible once mounted.

But, still, it’s pretty cool.

So give it a whirl!